for Ward 22 Trustee (Scarborough East)
Jerry Chadwick

  Re-elect Jerry Chadwick

Your Public School Trustee in Ward 22 (Scarborough East)

Jerry's First Term To Do List
  • Integrity
  • Experience
  • Commitment

To Do List

1 Work closely with Community, Superintendent and School Staff to bring the Vocal Music Academy to Heather Hts Jr. P.S.

2 Interview the students and staff at the Native Learning Centre East to find out what they want in a new learning environment. Investigate various sites for new location for the program. Resist staff’s first recommendation then establish Sir Wilfred Laurier C.I. as the best site for the new Native Learning Centre East.

3 Host Education Day Debates for the candidates of Scarborough Guildwood and Pickering Scarborough provincial elections with focus on educational issues

4 Meet with School Council Chairs to review their School Statement of Needs and to ensure that incoming Principals and Vice Principals meet the unique needs of their students and communities. (Maplewood, Mowat, West Rouge, Joseph Howe, Centennial, Borden,Poplar Rd, Guildwood Jr., etc.)

5 Support school events such as concerts, fun fairs, Run for Dunn, Terry Fox Runs, fundraising initiatives.

6 Facilitate meetings with parents and school Admin Teams to ensure that student needs are met and that home and school are working in partnership.

7 Chair the Budget Committee overseeing a $3B budget and lead Trustees as they make difficult decisions including cutting $110 M from a single year’s budget.

8 Get facilities staff to respond to leaking roofs at Laurier, Highland Creek, Mowat and other schools.

9 Support community members in obtaining permits for activities that support students such as Titans volleyball and West Rouge baseball.

10 Ensure that supports are in place for students and families as Brooks Road was closed and students sent to new schools Highcastle and Chief Dan George. Provision of one year of bussing students, non-allocated Vice-Principals for first year of transition at both Highcastle and Chief Dan.

11   Serve as Trustee Co-Chair of Student Nutrition Advisory Commitee to ensure that students are receiving nutritious, appealing, affordable food at school cafeterias. Also make sure that snack and breakfast programs are available when needed in our schools.

12 Act as Judge and Questioner for Family of Schools Speech Arts Competitions in two of my Families of Schools.

13 Respond to community concerns about late night and summer security at West Rouge Jr. P.S. Get extra patrols from TDSB security, locked gates at the parking lot and extra lighting on areas that are attracting inappropriate behaviours.

14 Serve as TDSB representative on the Board of Directors for Ontario Public School Boards Association, Toronto Foundation for Student Success and Toronto Lands Corporation.

15 Sit on many Expulsion Hearings, often chairing. Ensure that students who are recommended for expulsion receive support and counselling while attending a program for expelled students. Also ensure that remainder of student population at the school are safe.

16 After community concerns expressed, ensure that exterior lighting at the Laurier Pool is repaired and maintained.

17 Attend graduations and awards assemblies for most of my schools, bring greetings from the Board while congratulating graduates and their families.

18 Work with the Continuing Education Department to increase offerings in Scarborough East (Mowat, Joseph Brant) while ensuring that general interest programs are cost neutral to the board.

19 Obtain generous donation from the Maintenance and Construction Skilled Trades Council and the Retired Teachers of Ontario, Scarborough East York for the Blessings in a Backpack program at St. Margaret’s P.S.

20 Bring Metis author David Bouchard to Scarborough East to present to students, parents and staff (Charlottetown, Joseph Brant, West Hill CI, ER Families of Schools Principals, Laurier, etc.) Bouchard’s unique presentation style focuses on importance of literacy and Aboriginal Education

21 Bring 2 Directors of Education to Ward Forums in Ward 22 to explain their vision for the TDSB and to answer questions for parents.

22 Advocate with facilities staff and contractors when the construction projects at William G. Miller and Joseph Brant  were not completed to specs and on time. Work with Principal at Brant to ensure that pathway between Homestead and the school was provided and allow families with strollers and young children to access the school.

23 Assist communities dealing with traffic and parking issues around the schools.

24 Convince facilities staff to invest significant money into refreshing and renovating at Highcastle P.S. so the new students from Brooks Rd are coming into a welcoming, safe environment.

25 Following the ice storm damage at Miner and Miller, ensure that facilities staff are working to have the classrooms ready for student reentry in January.

26 Be available to respond to community questions and concerns. Make every effort to answer emails and phone calls within 48 hours, preferably sooner.

27 Officiate at Birchmount Track and Field meets, and Cross Country Meets at Thompson Park. Umpire slo-pitch games at Joseph Howe. Referee volleyball games at Joseph Brant.

28 Work with parents to successfully apply for Parents Reaching Out grant that brings Community Builders into a number of Ward 22 schools to support parents and students.

29 As Chair of Facilities Committee, lead response to media reports about inappropriate charges to schools for simple jobs (e.g. the $139 pencil sharpener.) Improve tracking mechanisms with use of gps in our vehicles and increasing management team for oversight.

30 Hold mediation meeting when school is struggling with transition from the “old” to the ”new” members of the school council.